In the Press: Diet Lessons From History

Historical evidence can provide some fascinating insights into how diet and lifestyle impacts our health.

A new study has shown that a peasant-style diet, rich in simple foods such as potatoes, vegetables and fish kept the rural poor of mid-Victorian Britain considerably healthier than their urban counterparts.

Modern science is a wonderful thing and has done a huge amount to advance our understanding of what constitutes good nutrition. But sometimes, clinical research studies alone can lead to us missing the bigger picture. Looking at the dietary habits of large populations of people provides us with insights that scientific studies today cannot match. 

Last week I spoke to The Telegraph about the recently published research into diets of mid-Victorian Britain. 
There are some interesting similarities between their style of eating and that of a traditional Mediterranean diet. You can find out what I said here

It can be easy to over complicate nutrition and become confused about what constitutes a healthy diet. Information like this can be a good reminder of the importance of going 'back to basics'.