The Longevity Diet

Last Monday I spoke at the Professional Beauty Conference in London on nutrition and ageing. In the beauty world, ageing is often thought of solely in the context of visible skin ageing. What tends to get forgotten is that the same biological processes that age our skin also age our vital organs and tissues throughout our body, putting us at an increased risk of disease and compromising our lifespan.

One expert in the field of nutrition and longevity whose work I follow closely is Professor Valter Longo. Longo is director of The Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) in LA.  I spent time with Longo's research team at USC last summer. Their studies into how the body ages and how we can influence this through what and how we eat are truly groundbreaking. 

Last month I got my hands on one of the first copies of The Longevity Diet, Longo's new book. In it he discusses 'the new science to slow ageing, fight disease and manage your weight'.
What I love about this book is that it's grounded in research but gives practical advice that can be easily implemented into daily life. And as Longo is an Italian, he is naturally a foodie and that is reflected in the recipes!

The book is well written and, in my opinion, one of the most-worth-reading nutrition books that's been released in a while. I'd definitely recommend getting yourself a copy of The Longevity Diet

Whether you're motivated to slow down your body's ageing processes in order to help prevent disease, or because you want to stay looking as young as possible, the good news is that following his recommendations you'll get the benefit of both!