In the Press: Overcoming Overeating

A new, comprehensive global study has found that a poor diet now contributes to one in five deaths around the world. Unhealthy eating was shown to kill more people than smoking, while obesity and excess weight was revealed to be the fastest growing cause of death in the world.

Wow. These are some worrying facts...

Eating too much of the wrong foods is arguably the biggest risk to our health today.

The fact is, if we ate only when we were hungry, and stopped eating as we were getting full, we wouldn't have this problem. But we don't. Our eating behaviours can be complex and complicated with many factors other than hunger driving us to eat.

So what can we do to stop overeating? This week, The Telegraph asked me to share my professional opinions on overeating, including my advice for helping to cut down on how much you eat. You can read the article here.

In my clinic I work with my clients to help them develop a healthy relationship with food, but I am a nutritionist and not a counsellor. When I feel that my client's tendency to overeat goes beyond what I can help them to manage there are two organisations I recommend:

Overeaters Anonymous - a 12 step programme similar to Alcoholics Anonymous for those who struggle with eating issues / disorders including compulsive eating and overeating.

Weight Matters - a private clinic run by psychotherapist James Lamper. Weight Matters provide individualised support for helping to overcome eating disorders and disordered eating. 

Photo credit: Freepik